Information to our shareholders

21 september 2015

Yesterday the shareholders of Active Properties AB (APROP) received a letter from Intrinsic Oppkjøp AS (”Intrinsic”) with an offer to purchase shares held in APROP. The board of APROP advises its shareholders not to accept the offer presented by Intrinsic. The bidding company Intrinsic is an unknown company for APROP and the bid was submitted without any prior contact with any representative of APROP. APROP wants its shareholders to note that by accepting the offer Intrinsic is given the right to decide whether it wants to pay the purchase price in the form of cash or in the form of shares in another company. If Intrinsic decides to compensate APROP’s shareholders with shares in another company it is Intrinsic that decides in which company that one is allocated shares. Intrinsic states in its offer that those who accept the offer can be allocated shares in a company which is not listed. Furthermore, Intrinsic states in its offer that it can take months before those who accept the offer receive compensation for their shares. Intrinsic’s offer and its methods deviate from how a serious bidder acts on the Swedish securities market.

Kind Regards
Active Properties AB
Magnus Hansson
Executive Chairman

To our shareholders